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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Regional-scale assessment of non-point source groundwater contamination in Akkar regionHoz, Mervat El
2017Removal of nitrate from the effluent of Tripoli water treatment plant using the ion exchange processAzour, Lama
2006Role of women in environmental higher educationHoz, Mervat El
2005Sanitary landfill extensionHoz, Mervat El
2018A short review of comparative energy, economic and environmental assessment ofNorouzi, Omid; Di Maria, Francesco; Hoz, Mervat El
2013Simulation study to improve wastewater treatment plant operation and upgradingHoz, Mervat El; Gerges, Najib N. 
2012Site evaluation for olive mills waste composting facilityHoz, Mervat El; Iaaly, Amal 
2015Site location feasibility analysis for undesirable solid waste facilityHoz, Mervat El; Iaaly, Amal 
2008Slaughterhouse waste management study in urban areaHoz, Mervat El
1999Solid waste management in Lebanon case study in ZahleHoz, Mervat El
2020Spatio-temporal distribution and ecological risk assessment of pesticides in the water resources of Abou Ali River, Northern LebanonJabali, Yasmine ; Millet, Maurice; Hoz, Mervat El
2016Strategies for reducing municipal solid waste in Lebanon, Nigeria and IndiaHoz, Mervat El; Aremu, Adeyini S; Roychoudhury, Aryama; Ojowuro , Olasunkanmi M; Ugunbiyi, Abdulwahab; Ghosh, Sadhan Kumar
2011Sustainable environmental management for olive mill waste in rural areasHoz, Mervat El
2016Sustainable municipal solid waste management for developing countriesHoz, Mervat El
2006Tap water quality of the University of BalamandIskandar, Dalia
2006Technical Evaluation of Waste Composting PlantHoz, Mervat El
2006Use of GIS technique as decision support tool for sanitary landfill sitingHoz, Mervat El
2016Waste management in USA through case studies: e-waste recycling and waste to energy plantGhosh, Sadhan Kumar; Jooheon Lee, J; Godwin, A.C; Oke, A.; Hoz, Mervat El
2017Waste recycling practices in some countries in Asia, Europe, Africa and South AmericaGhosh, S.; Borges, M.; Di Maria, Francesco; Cruvinel, V; Ramos, T.; Sheltawi, S El.; Aremu, Adeyini S; Ojowuro , Olasunkanmi M; Tivani, C; Seo, Y.C; Hoz, Mervat El
2007Water analysis of Damour RiverKojok, Khaled El; Saab, Sami