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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Safeguarding our future: a comprehensive public health approach to antimicrobial stewardship at Hariri primary health care center-Nafela foundation medical center in Taanayel, BekaaAsswad, Saly
2013Sand fly fever virus in Lebanon : serological study and viral characterizationZakhia, Renée
2023Smoking prevention for secondary high school students in Borj Al-BarajinahZeineddine, Jaafar
2019SOP development intervention at the blood bank section at laboratory XHariri, Hiba
2010Species distribution and antifungal susceptibility profiles of Candida isolates in Saint George Hospital University Medical CenterSaadeh, Bashir
2009Streptococcus pneumonia isolated fom lebanese patients : patterns of susceptibility to antimicrobial agents and molecular epidemiology of resistance to penicillin, macrolides and trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazoleKourani, Mariam
2013Study of group bstreptococcuscolonization among pregnant women : bacteriological methods used for its detection in vaginal samplesGhaddar, Nahed
2023Support the implementation of Saqirh project in Karm Zaitoun and Ain El Remmaneh centersBou Said, Rana
2022Towards implementing a quality management system in an academic biomedical research laboratoryFarah, Maya J.
2021Trends in the perceived causes of physical, hearing and visual impairments among children in LebanonKaram, Valerie
2023Understanding diabetes : awareness campaignKhansa, Nesrine El
2012Understanding the apoptotic machinery in arsenic/interferon treated ATL SCID MICE : a thorough study of the P53, P21, BAX, BCL-2 AND BCL -XL GENESDernaika, Racha
2008Virulence associated genes and antimicrobial resistance of Helicobacter pylori isolated from Lebanese patientsHanna, Nabil
2023Women's health in a primary healthcare center at MakhzoumiFayad, Mira