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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021A holistic and systematic assessment of maintenance approaches in heritage sitesAl-Sakkaf, Abobar; El-Zahab, Samer; Abdelkader, Eslam Mohammed; Alfalah, Ghasan
16-Jan-2021A Holistic methodology for lifecycle energy consumption of heritage buildingsAl-Sakkaf, A.; Abdelkader, E. M.; El-Zahab, Samer; Bagchi, A.; Zayed, T.
2021Improving Road Networks Using Network Optimization: Case Study of Aley LebanonRayess, Rawad; El-Zahab, Samer; Semaan, Nabil ; Al-Sakkaf, Abobakr
2022An integrated infrastructure prioritization model: Case study of tripoli, lebanonBaroudi, Nadia; El-Zahab, Samer; Semaan, Nabil ; Al-Sakkaf, Abobakr; Abdelkader, Eslam Mohammed
2023An Integrated Multi-criteria Decision Making Model for Evaluating Sustainability Rating SystemsAl-Sakkaf, A.; Mohammed Abdelkader, E.; Elshaboury, N.; El-Zahab, Samer; Bagchi, A.; Zayed, T.
1-Apr-2023Machine learning prediction of concrete compressive strength using rebound hammer testEl-Mir, Abdulkader ; El-Zahab, Samer; Sbartaï, Zoubir Mehdi; Homsi, Farah; Saliba, Jacqueline; El-Hassan, Hilal
Apr-2023A machine learning-based model for real-time leak pinpointing in buildings using accelerometersEl-Zahab, Samer; Al-Sakkaf, Abobakr; Mohammed Abdelkader, Eslam; Zayed, Tarek
2020Minimum-Cost Flight Package Development Using Dijkstra's Shortest PathJazzar, Ibrahim; El-Zahab, Samer; Abdelkader, Eslam Mohammed; Al-Sakkaf, Abobakr
29-Jun-2023A Novel Approach to the Optimization of the Spatial Distribution of MosquesEl-Zahab, Samer; Al-Sakkaf, Abobakr
1-Jan-2020A novel lazy serpent algorithm for the prioritization of leak repairs in water networksEl-Zahab, Samer; Al-Sakkaf, Abobakr; Abdelkader, Eslam Mohammed; Zayed, Tarek
2020Optimizing Ambulance Paths: Case Study of Red Cross Tripoli BranchRafka, Elissa; Baroudi, Nadia; El-Zahab, Samer; Semaan, Nabil ; Al-Sakkaf, Abobakr
14-May-2022Rehabilitation of municipal infrastructure using risk-based performanceShahata, Khaled; El-Zahab, Samer; Zayed, Tarek; Alfalah, Ghasan
Apr-2022A study of accelerometer signal decay in small pipelinesEl-Zahab, Samer; Jazzar, Ibrahim; Zayed, Tarek
2020Traffic-Lights-Based Guidance System in Lebanon using Network OptimizationKhoderchah, Elie; Jazzar, Ibrahim; El-Zahab, Samer; Semaan, Nabil ; Al-Sakkaf, Abobaker
15-Oct-2024Use of machine learning models to predict the water penetration depth in concreteEl-Mir, Abdulkader ; El-Zahab, Samer; Nasr, Dana ; Semaan, Nabil ; Assaad, Joseph ; El-Hassan, Hilal