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2020How collection efficiency and legal constraints on digestate management can affect the effectiveness of anaerobic digestion of bio-waste : An analysis of the Italian context in a life cycle perspectiveDi Maria, Francesco; Sisani, Federico; Hoz, Mervat El; Mersky, Ronald L.
2018An hybrid approach for primary energy balance of an existing waste-to-energy plantDi Maria, Francesco; Sisani, Federico; Lasagni, Marzio; Hoz, Mervat El
2020Management of the biodegradable fraction of residual waste by bioreactor landfillDi Maria, Francesco; El-Hoz, Mervat
2018A short review of comparative energy, economic and environmental assessment ofNorouzi, Omid; Di Maria, Francesco; Hoz, Mervat El
2017Waste recycling practices in some countries in Asia, Europe, Africa and South AmericaGhosh, S.; Borges, M.; Di Maria, Francesco; Cruvinel, V; Ramos, T.; Sheltawi, S El.; Aremu, Adeyini S; Ojowuro , Olasunkanmi M; Tivani, C; Seo, Y.C; Hoz, Mervat El