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2017Contributions of local and regional anthropogenic sources of metals in PM 2.5 at an urban site in northern FranceLedoux, Frédéric; Kfoury, Adib ; Delmaire, Gilles; Roussel , Gilles; Zein, Atallah El; Courcot, Dominique
2017Informed Split Gradient Non-negative Matrix factorization using Huber cost function for source apportionmentChreiky, Robert; Delmaire, Gilles; Puigt, Matthieu; Roussel , Gilles; Abche, Antoine 
2015Split Gradient Method for Informed Non-negative Matrix FactorizationChreiky, Robert; Delmaire, Gilles; Puigt, Matthieu; Roussel , Gilles; Courcot, Dominique; Abche, Antoine 
2014The Use of a Non Negative Matrix Factorization Method Combined to PM2.5 Chemical Data for a Source Apportionment Study in Different EnvironmentsKfoury, Adib ; Ledoux, Frédéric; Limem, Abdelhakim; Delmaire, Gilles; Roussel , Gilles; Courcot, Dominique