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2022Fertility in multiple recurrent bilateral ovarian teratomas: A case reportBou Zerdan, Maroun; Bouferraa, Youssef; Boyrazian, Raffi; Skaf, Rana
12-Jan-2022Metabolic Syndrome: Updates on Pathophysiology and Management in 2021Fahed, Gracia; Aoun, Laurence; Bou Zerdan, Morgan; Allam, Sabine; Bou Zerdan, Maroun; Bouferraa, Youssef; Assi, Hazem I
2022Pathophysiology, clinical findings, and management of Fox-Fordyce disease: A systematic reviewSalloum, Antoine; Bouferraa, Youssef; Bazzi, Nagham; Bou Zerdan, Maroun; Abi Chebl, Joanna; Chu, Thomas; Bachour, Julien; Benedetto, Anthony
22-Jan-2022Single Cell RNA Sequencing: A New Frontier in Pancreatic Ductal AdenocarcinomaBou Zerdan, Maroun; Shatila, Malek; Sarwal, Dhruv; Bouferraa, Youssef; Bou Zerdan, Morgan; Allam, Sabine; Ramovic, Merima; Graziano, Stephen