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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Ilex paraguariensis (Yerba Mate) an infusion herb with promising antibacterial activityFayad, Elie; Noureddine, Tania; Husseini, Ziad Al; Nehme, Ali; Abdel-Massih, Roula
2018Ilex paraguariensis (yerba mate) an infusion herb with promising antibacterial activity and its interaction with different classes of antibioticsFayad, Elie
2016The Immuno-modulatory and anti-proliferative activity of high molecular weight and modified citrus pectinMerheb, Rihab Al; Hawach, Venicia; Karam, Marc ; Abdel-Massih, Roula
2017Immunomodulatory effect of citrus pectin and modified citrus pectin on cytokine production by spleen in Balb/c miceMerheb, Rihab Al
2019Immunomodulatory effect of natural and modified Citrus pectin on cytokine levels in the spleen of BALB/c miceMerheb, Rihab Al; Abdel-Massih, Roula; Karam, Marc 
2003In vitro biosynthesis of 1,4-ß-galactan attached to a pectin-xyloglucan complex in peaAbdel-Massih, Roula; Baydoun, Elias A-H.; Brett, Cristopher T.
2004In vitro biosynthesis of a nascent pectin complex in pea epicotylsAbdel-Massih, Roula; Saif Al-Din, Rabih; Baydoun, Elias A-H.; Brett, Cristopher T.
2019Intensification of polyphenol extraction from olive leaves using Ired-Irrad®, an environmentally-friendly innovative technology.Abi khattar, Anna Maria; Rajha, Hiba N.; Abdel-Massih, Roula; Maroun, Richard G.; Nicolas, louka; Debs, Esperance 
2011Leaf and branch extracts of eriobotrya japonica exert antibacterial activity against ESBL-producing escherichia coli and klebsiella pneumoniaeAbdou, Elias; Daoud, Ziad; Abdel-Massih, Roula
Jan-2022Mechanical damage and thermal effect induced by ultrasonic treatment in olive leaf tissue. Impact on polyphenols recoveryAbi-Khattar, Anna-Maria; Boussetta, Nadia; Rajha, Hiba N.; Abdel-Massih, Roula; Louka, Nicolas; Maroun, Richard G.; Vorobiev, Eugene; Debs, Esperance 
2015Microbial transformation of cefotaxime and medrysone and the biological activity of their metabolitesBoujaoudé, Marie-Anne
2016Microbial transformation of contraceptive drug etonogestrel into new metabolites with Cunninghamella blakesleeana and Cunninghamella echinulataBaydoun, Elias A-H.; Wahab, Atia-tul; Shoaib, Nayab; Ahmad, Malil Shoaib; Abdel-Massih, Roula; Smith, Colin; Nimra, Naveed; Choudhary, Muhammad Iqbal
2015Microbial transformation of medrysone and the biological activity of its metabolitesBoujaoudé, Marie-Anne; Abdel-Massih, Roula; Farran, D; Baydoun, Elias A-H.
2014Microbial transformation of nandrolone with Cunninghamella echinulata and Cunninghamella blakesleeana and evaluation of leishmaniacidal activity of transformed productsBaydoun, Elias A-H.; Karam, Martin; Wahab, Atia-tul; Khan, Mahwish Shafi Ahmed; Ahmad, Malil Shoaib; Samreen; Smith, Colin; Abdel-Massih, Roula; Choudhary, Muhammad Iqbal
2019Modulation of membrane properties by silver nanoparticles probed by curcumin embedded in 1,2-Dimyristoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine liposomesWehbe, Nadine; Patra, Digambara; Abdel-Massih, Roula; Baydoun, Elias A-H.
2013Multi-drug resistant gram negative Bacilli in the wastewater of a Lebanese hospital : profiles and mechanisims of resistanceKfoury, Khalil El
2020Multi-drug resistant gram-negative bacilli isolated from cockroaches in different environments in LebanonSleiman, Ahmad
2018Multidrug-resistant enterobacteriaceae in lebanese hospital wastewater: implication in the one health conceptDaoud, Ziad; Farah, Jina; Sokhn, Salem Elie; Dahdouh, Elias; Kfoury, Khalil El; Masri, Khalil; Afif, Claude; Abdel-Massih, Roula; Matar, Ghassan M.
2013Multidrug-resistant Gram-negative bacilli in hospital wastewater of a third world country in transitionKfoury, Khalil El; Abdel-Massih, Roula; Salem , S.E; Afif, Claude; Daoud, Ziad
2007Nascent pectin formed in Golgi apparatus of pea epicotyls by addition of uronic acids has different properties from nascent pectin at the stage of galactan elongationAbdel-Massih, Roula; Rizkallah, Hind D.; Saif Al-Din, Rabih; Baydoun, Elias A-H.; Brett, Cristopher T.