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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Java based distributed communication system in telemedicineSarkis, George
2009A Less-Constrained Solution to Curve Interpolation by Catmull-Clark Subdivision SurfacesAbbas, Abdulwahed
2002Lofted Catmull-Clark subdivision surfacesNasri, Ahmad H; Abbas, Abdulwahed
2010A Minimally-Constrained Subdivision Surface Interpolating Arbitrarily-Intersecting Network of CurvesAbbas, Abdulwahed
2018On a Blossom-based Approach for Interpolating Non-iso-Parametric Curves by B-Spline SurfacesAbbas, Abdulwahed; Nasri, Ahmad H
2015On the interpolation of non-iso-parametric curvesAbbas, Abdulwahed; Nasri, Ahmad H
2001Polygonal Complexes for Interpolating Curves by Catmull-Clark Subdivision SurfacesNasri, Ahmad H; Abbas, Abdulwahed
2001Purposeful matrix operationsAbbas, Abdulwahed
2003Skinning Catmull-Clark subdivision surfaces with incompatible cross-sectional curvesNasri, Ahmad H; Abbas, Abdulwahed
2013Survey of Subdivision Controls for Interpolating Curves and SurfacesAbbas, Abdulwahed
2003Synthesizing Data Structure Requirements from Algorithm Specifications : Case Studies from Recursive Subdivision for Computer Graphics and Animation,Abbas, Abdulwahed; Nasri, Ahmad H
2017T-spline local refinement as a belief revision system : a rule-based implementationAbbas, Abdulwahed; Nasri, Ahmad H
2014T-Spline Polygonal ComplexesAbbas, Abdulwahed
2008T-Splines : a closer lookAbbas, Abdulwahed
2008T-splines Local Refinement: an implementationAbbas, Abdulwahed
2001Toward a General Language for the Specification of Constraint satisfaction ProblemsAbbas, Abdulwahed; Tsang, Edward P.K
2011Uniform B-Spline Curve Interpolation with Prescribed Tangent and Curvature VectorsOkaniwa, Shoichi; Nasri, Ahmad H; Lin, Hongwei; Abbas, Abdulwahed; Kineri, Yuki; Maekawa, Takashi