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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Renewable energy sources for Lebanon: A focus on geothermal energy and waste-to energy startegiesManneh, Rima ; Dahdal, Rula; Bitar, R.; Khoury, W El; Zakhem, Henri El 
2017Seasonal variability of temperature profiles of vegetative and traditional gravel-ballasted roofs: a case study for LebanonKoura, Jessica; Manneh, Rima ; Belarbi, Rafik; El Khoury, Vanessa; Bachawati, Makram El 
2017Seasonal variability of the temperature profile of traditional gravel-ballasted and extensive green roofs for a Mediterranean climateKoura, Jessica; Manneh, Rima ; Belarbi, Rafik; Khoury, Vanessa El; Bachawati, Makram El 
2010Spatial variability of intake fractions for canadian emission scenarios: a comparison between three resolution scalesManneh, Rima ; Margni, Manuele; Deschenes, Louise
2017Thermal and economic performance of extensive green roof during typical Lebanese winter and summer daysBachawati, Makram El ; Manneh, Rima ; Belarbi, Rafik; Koura, Jessica