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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Assessment of residual stresses due to cold bending structural steel girders using finite element modelingTawk, Issam ; Rishmany, Jihad ; Gergess, Antoine 
2011Capping machineFrangieh, George
2015Cold bending steel beamsMouawad, Jad
2007Composite damage and delamination modelling using a specific multi-layered element in transient analysisMouillet, J.-B; Tawk, Issam ; Ferrero, Jean-Francois; Barrau, Jean-Jacques
2010Composite delamination modelling using a multi-layered solid elementTawk, Issam ; Navarro, Pablo; Ferrero, Jean-Francois; Barrau, Jean-Jacques; Abdullah, E
2012Composite materials : their manufacturing, use and the types of damages they sustainGhazi, George; Dreik, Samir
2011Conceptual design, manufacturing and testing of a city carMelhem, Georges E.; JamalEddine, Ibahim F.
2012Design and manufacturing of an R/C planeNakad, Ramez; Ghaleb Frangieh, Antoine
2007Développement d'un élément fini pour la modélisation du délaminage dans les structures compositesTawk, Issam ; Ferrero, Jean-Francois; Barrau, Jean-Jacques; Mouillet, J.-B
1-Jan-2023Dynamic response of epoxy foam structures reinforced with aramid layers subjected to low-velocity impactBoutros, Lara; Navarro, Pablo; Marguet, Steven; Tawk, Issam ; Ferrero, J. F.
2011Elastic plastic three point bending experimental machineAwad, George; Mikhail, Ghassan; Baaklini, Ibrahim
2009Etude de l'impact sur pale d'hélicoptèreTawk, Issam ; Ferrero, Jean-Francois; Barrau, Jean-Jacques; Navarro, Pablo; Lemaire, S
2013Experimental and numerical study of normal and oblique impacts on helicopter bladesAubry, J; Navarro, Pablo; Tawk, Issam ; Marguet, Steven; Ferrero, Jean-Francois; Lemaire, S; Rauch, P
2019Experimental and numerical study of the damage mechanisms in hybrid unidirectional/woven composites under impact loadingMahmoud, Bassam; Manseri, L.; Rogani, A.; Navarro, Pablo; Marguet, Steven; Ferrero, Jean-Francois; Tawk, Issam 
2022Experimental study of bulletproof concreteTawk, Issam ; Semaani, Eddy; Aouad, Georges 
2016Experimental study of the interlaminar fracture of composite materials in mode IIITawk, Issam ; Rishmany, Jihad ; Saba, Nicolas ; Mahmoud, Bassam
2020Experimental study of the interlaminar fracture of composite materials in mode III by MSCB testTawk, Issam ; Rishmany, Jihad ; Saba, Nicolas ; Navarro, Pablo; Ferrero, Jean-Francois
2012Étude numérique de linfluence de la vitesse dimpact sur la résistance des pales dhélicoptères à des impacts rasantsAubry, J; Navarro, P.; Marguet, Steven; Ferrero, Jean-Francois; Tawk, Issam ; Lemaire, S; Rauch, P
2016Fabrication of a fiberglass prototype boatMansour, Elias; Remlaoui, Michelle; Hasbani, Rafi El
2015FEM analysis of a tailored b-pillar using composite materialsSaba, Nicolas ; Rishmany, Jihad ; Tawk, Issam