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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A case study of a divorcee: spiritual direction and psychological insightNassif, Bassam A. 
2013Church as family: patriarch ignatius IVs pastoral vision of the churchNassif, Bassam A. 
2011Defending the faith using logic and pastoral arguments: Theodore Abu Qurrah's innovationNassif, Bassam A. 
2015Discernment: spiritual eyeglasses for web surfersNassif, Bassam A. 
2020Enlivening the charisms of the holy spiritNassif, Bassam A. 
2021Forgiveness in marriage: from cure to healingNassif, Bassam A. 
2017Googling the truth: educating our youth on wisdom and discernmentNassif, Bassam A. 
2017Hope in the horror of warNassif, Bassam A. 
2022The House of God: The Orthodox Church in the Middle East and the EnvironmentNassif, Bassam A. 
2021La chisea corpo do Cristo e i carismi del del popolo di dioNassif, Bassam A. 
2019Marriage in postmodernity and the orthodox christian perspectiveNassif, Bassam A. 
2016Mercy and forgiveness in pastoral work and the family: the orthodox churchs perspectiveNassif, Bassam A. 
2014Mixed marriages in the antiochian orthodox churchNassif, Bassam A. 
2014Mixed marriages in the orthodox church: an educational approach to a pastoral issueNassif, Bassam A. 
2020The mystery of marriage amid deconstruction : a dialogue between Orthodox anthropology and postmodern perspectivesNassif, Bassam A. 
2022The Mystery of Marriage Amid Deconstruction: A Dialogue Between Orthodox Anthropology and Postmodern PerspectivesNassif, Bassam A. 
1996"On the confirmation of the law of Moses, the gospel and Orthodoxy" : a treatise written in Arabic by Theodore Abu Qurrah, Bishop of Harran (c.755-c.829) ; translation into English, with introduction and analysisNassif, Bassam A. 
2017The Orthodox church's views on artificial fertilizationNassif, Bassam A. 
2014Pastoral implications of the trauma of warNassif, Bassam A. 
2016Pastoral implications of the trauma of war: the case of LebanonNassif, Bassam A.