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2015Aldosterone modulates glucose absorption in the jejunum post colectomyKhachab, Maha ; Kanaan, Amjad ; Deeba, Elie
2017Colectomy induces an aldosterone-mediated increase in jejunal glucose uptake in ratsKhachab, Maha ; Kanaan, Amjad ; Dania, Awad; Deeba, Elie; Osman, Samira; Nassar, Camille F 
2020Current teaching methods in STEM departments – a road map for fundamental university educational reform: evidence from LebanonSabat, Mira ; Abdel-Massih, Roula M.; Kanaan, Amjad ; Salloum, Sara ; Serhan, Mireille ; Fares, Roula; Haddad, Nicolas K. ; Melki, Antoine 
2021The effect of magnolia offinalis extract on the liver of dhea-induced PCOS ratsSaade, Nouhad
2019The effect of magnolol on a polycystic ovary syndrome rat model with insulin resistanceNassar, Aline
2015The effect of phenyl butyric acid on glucose uptake in 3T3-L1 adipocytesFakhoury, Hany
2014The effect of tumor necrosis factor-alpha on the expression of glucose transporters SGLT1 and GLUT2 in differentiated CACO-2 cellsAyoubi, Al Amira Lama Al
2018Enhanced glucose uptake in phenylbutyric acid-treated 3T3-L1 adipocytesFakhoury, Hana; Osman, Shaaban Khalaf; Ghazale, Noura A.; Dahdah, Nagib; Sibai, Mirvat El; Kanaan, Amjad 
2017The mechanism of phenylbutyric acid-induced glucose uptake in 3T3-L1 adipocytesDahdah, Norma
2018Metformin treatment inhibits motility and invasion of glioblastoma cancer cellsHassan, Marwa Al; Fakhoury, Isabelle; Masri, Zeinab El; Ghazale, Noura A.; Dennaoui, Rayane; Atat, Oula El; Kanaan, Amjad ; Sibai, Mirvat El