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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Bi-reforming of biomass for methanol production on nickel and natural silica based catalystsJabbour, Karam ; Hassan, Nissrine El ; Davidson, Anne; Massiani, Pascale
2014Biodiesel production from straight vegetable oils using heterogeneous catalysisKhoury, Maroulla El
2016Calcination control for enhanced kinetics of methane dry reforming on mesoporous Ni/SBA-15 based catalystsKaram, Leila
7-Jul-2022Carbon Dioxide Reforming of Methane over Nickel-Supported Zeolites: A Screening StudyBacariza, Carmen; Karam, Leila; Hassan, Nissrine El ; Lopes, José M.; Henriques, Carlos
2009Catalyseurs Co/SBA-15 : influence de la texture et de la structure sur lhydrogénation sélective daldéhydes α,β insaturésHassan, Nissrine El ; Lopes, Irène; Casale, Sandra; Massiani, Pascale; Davidson, Anne; Palacio, Rubén; Ayrault, Philippe; Barrault, Joel; Valange, Sabine
2015Characterizations and performances of Ni/diatomite catalysts for dry reforming of methaneJabbout, Karam; Hassan, Nissrine El ; Davidson, Anne; Massiani, Pascale; Casale, Sandra
2015Compared activity and stability of three Ni silica catalysts for methane bi and dry reformingJabbour, Karam ; Kaydouh, Marie-Nour; Hassan, Nissrine El ; Casale, Sandra; Zakhem, Henri El ; Massiani, Pascale
2015Comparison of effects of La, Mg and Rh addition on the activity and stability of Ni/SiO2 catalysts in dry reforming of methane at low temperatureHassan, Nissrine El ; khansa, Ali; Challita, Elie; Zakhem, Henri El ; Casale, Sandra
2020Comprehensive study on the effect of magnesium loading over nickel-ordered mesoporous alumina for dry reforming of methaneKaram, Leila; Armandi, Marco; Casale, Sandra; Khoury, Vanessa El; Bonelli, Barbara; Massiani, Pascale; Hassan, Nissrine El 
2012Discovery of high oxygen storage capacity of Ce/SBA-15 nanomaterials prepared under controlled conditionsHassan, Nissrine El ; Bachawati, Makram El ; Casale, Sandra; Samrani , A. El; Zakhem, Henri El 
2013Dry reforming of methane at medium-temperature on highly dispersed Ni/SBA-15 and Ni-Ce/SBA-15 catalysts prepared by a "two solvents" methodKaydouh, Marie-Nour; Hassan, Nissrine El ; Zakhem, Henri El ; Casale, Sandra; Davidson, Anne; Massiani, Pascale
2013Dry reforming of methane on Co, Ru and Co-Ru dispersed on SBA-15 catalystsJabbour, Karam ; Hassan, Nissrine El ; Estephane, Jane ; Zakhem, Henri El 
2016Dry reforming of methane on mesoporous ceria based catalysts prepared by hard template methodAnnous, Hiba; Estephane, Elie
2015Dry reforming of methane on nickel dispersed on mesoporous silica : effect of synthesis conditionsYoussef, Joudie
2014Dry reforming of methane on promoted (LA, MG, and RH) NI based catalyst supported on commercial silicakhansa, Ali; Challita, Elie
28-Nov-2022Effect of Impregnation with Ammonia vs Silica Support Textural Properties on Ni Nanoparticle Catalysts for Dry Reforming of MethaneDaoura, Oscar; Hassan, Nissrine El ; Boutros, Maya; Casale, Sandra; Massiani, Pascale; Launay, Franck
2018Effect of pore geometry of mesoporous supports on catalytic performances in methane reformingTannous, Joy; Karam, Leila; Kaydouh, Marie-Nour; Zakhem, Henri El ; Hassan, Nissrine El ; Casale, Sandra
2017Effect of pretreatment conditions on catalytic performances of mesoporous Ni5/SBA-15 catalyst in methane dry reformingHarika, Charbel; Hajj Houssein, Bilal
2013Effect of ruthenium promotion of Co SBA 15 catalysts on the reactivity in oxidation of propene and carbon blackJabbour, Karam ; Hassan, Nissrine El ; Aouad, Samer ; Casale, Sandra; Khoury, Bilal El ; Zakhem, Henri El ; Nakat, Hanna El 
2015Effect of support porosity on coke deposition and sintering of nickel based catalysts used for carbon dioxide reforming of methaneAmine, Ruba