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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Dry reforming of methane on mesoporous ceria based catalysts prepared by hard template methodAnnous, Hiba; Estephane, Elie
2015Dry reforming of methane on nickel dispersed on mesoporous silica : effect of synthesis conditionsYoussef, Joudie
2014Dry reforming of methane on promoted (LA, MG, and RH) NI based catalyst supported on commercial silicakhansa, Ali; Challita, Elie
28-Nov-2022Effect of Impregnation with Ammonia vs Silica Support Textural Properties on Ni Nanoparticle Catalysts for Dry Reforming of MethaneDaoura, Oscar; Hassan, Nissrine El ; Boutros, Maya; Casale, Sandra; Massiani, Pascale; Launay, Franck
2018Effect of pore geometry of mesoporous supports on catalytic performances in methane reformingTannous, Joy; Karam, Leila; Kaydouh, Marie-Nour; Zakhem, Henri El ; Hassan, Nissrine El ; Casale, Sandra
2017Effect of pretreatment conditions on catalytic performances of mesoporous Ni5/SBA-15 catalyst in methane dry reformingHarika, Charbel; Hajj Houssein, Bilal
2013Effect of ruthenium promotion of Co SBA 15 catalysts on the reactivity in oxidation of propene and carbon blackJabbour, Karam ; Hassan, Nissrine El ; Aouad, Samer ; Casale, Sandra; Khoury, Bilal El ; Zakhem, Henri El ; Nakat, Hanna El 
2015Effect of support porosity on coke deposition and sintering of nickel based catalysts used for carbon dioxide reforming of methaneAmine, Ruba
2015Effect of the order of Ni and Ce addition in SBA-15 on the activity in dry reforming of methaneKaydouh, Marie-Nour; Hassan, Nissrine El ; Davidson, Anne; Casale, Sandra; Zakhem, Henri El ; Massiani, Pascale
2014Effet de la taille des nanoparticules de nickel dispersées sur zéolite NaY dans le reformage catalytique du méthane par le CO2Estephane, Jane ; Hassan, Nissrine El ; Safieh, Khaled; Casale, Sandra; Ayoub, Marc; Zakhem, Henri El 
2014Effet promoteur du rhodium sur l'activité et la stabilité des catalyseurs Co SBA 15 dans le reformage sec du méthaneHassan, Nissrine El ; Geagea, Henry; El Zein, H; Casale, Sandra; Zakhem, Henri El 
2009Etude des mécanismes de corrosion du T91 (Fe-) sous teneur contrôlée en oxygène : comparaison entre Pb-Bi et réaction en phase gazHassan, Nissrine El ; Guillot, K; Degranges, C; Martinelli, Laure
2009Etude des mécanismes de corrosion du T91 dans le Pb-Bi à 540°C sous teneur contrôlée en oxygèneHassan, Nissrine El ; Martinelli, Laure
2016Factors affecting the long-term stability of mesoporous nickel-based catalysts in combined steam and dry reforming of methaneJabbour, Karam ; Hassan, Nissrine El ; Davidson, Anne; Casale, Sandra; Massiani, Pascale
2016Highly active and stable Ni/SBA-15 catalysts prepared by a "two solvents" method for dry reforming of methaneKaydouh, Marie-Nour; Hassan, Nissrine El ; Davidson, Anne; Casale, Sandra; Zakhem, Henri El ; Massiani, Pascale
2020Hydrogen production from natural gas on new alumina-based catalystsDankar, Joudy
2016Influence of contact time and reaction duration on carbon deposition during dry reforming of methane over Ni/SBA-15 catalystsJabbour, Karam ; Hassan, Nissrine El ; Davidson, Anne; Massiani, Pascale
2018Influence of synthesis parameters of mesocellular silica foams doped by nickel on methane reforming by CO2Daoura, Oscar; Boutros, Maya; Launay, Franck; Massiani, Pascale; Hassan, Nissrine El 
2018Influence of the swelling agents of siliceous mesocellular foams on the performances of Ni-based methane dry reforming catalystsDaoura, Oscar; Daher, Sarah; Kaydouh, Marie-Nour; Hassan, Nissrine El ; Massiani, Pascale; Launay, Franck; Boutros, Maya
2020Investigation of new routes for the preparation of mesoporous calcium oxide supported nickel materials used as catalysts for the methane dry reforming reactionSamrout, Ola; Karam, Leila; Jabbour, Karam ; Launay, Franck; Hassan, Nissrine El