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2016Does multigenerational workforce reshape the human resources agenda in the Lebanese banking sector?Namly Hallab, Dima; Moussa, Jessica; Daher, Natalie
2010E-commerce : barriers for airline online booking in LebanonEl Khoury Ziade, Georges; Tanios, Charbel
2016Effect of HR practices during times of crises on short-term and long-term hotel performanceRawadi, Elie El; Khoury, Elian
2018The impact of glass ceiling organizational barriers on Lebanese female engineers working in LebanonIssa, Serena; Haddad, Stephanie
2020The impact of implementing decentralization on employee engagement : an exploratory study on municipalities of North LebanonKobersi, Valentina; Tudjani, Sarah
2020Industrial-organizational psychology as a part of the HRM scope of practice in North LebanonIbrahim, Daad; Chammas, Sara
2019Leadership styles in family owned SMEs in North Lebanon : perception of old employees towards their young managersMouawad, Edward; Arabi, Diana
2016Managerial motivational practices and motivational differences between blue- and white- collar employees : application of maslow's theoryFares, Pascale
2017Managerial motivational practices and motivational differences between blue- and white-collar employees: application of maslows theoryNajjar, Dora ; Fares, Pascale
2017The online retail status in LebanonShikhani, Miguel; Samaan, Fouad; Maroun, Jad
2010The pre implementation phase of ISO 9000 - the case of UOB-IT departmentChreiky, Robert; Chiha, Richard
2018The selection, recruiting, and retention challenges of employees in NGOsDayaa, Samer; Bou Zeid, Elias; Khoury, Rami
2018What motivates Lebanese salespeople?Salloum, Elie; Hamedy, Zaher