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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2024Closing the Theory-Practice Gap: Socio-Economic Approach and Action Research in ManagementKuran, Omaya 
2019The contribution of dual structure to the enhancement of higher education institutions.Kuran, Omaya ; Khabaz, Lara; Hage, Ursula El
2009The contribution of internship in preparing business graduates for the Lebanese job marketHawly, Daniel Ibrahim El
2017Contribution of SEAM to the alignment of student affairs mission with the university social missionKuran, Omaya 
2019Contribution of SEAM to the performance of student affairsKuran, Omaya 
1-Jan-2024Empowering Rural Lebanese Female Entrepreneurs: A Resource-Based PerspectiveKhabbaz, Lara; Kuran, Omaya 
2016Examining the level of financial literacy and its impact on retirement planning in North LebanonYaacoub, Tonina; Ayoub, Nicolas-Elie
2018An exploratory research of Lebanese millennials employee engagement in LebanonMokbel, Farah
2018Exploring generic aspects of performance improvement: comparative case studies in LebanonHaddad, Pierre El; Kuran, Omaya 
2022Generic Aspects of Performance Improvement: Comparative Case Studies in LebanonEl Haddad, Pierre; Kuran, Omaya 
2017Internal and external challenges in a private universityKuran, Omaya 
2017Internal intervener, hidden leaderKuran, Omaya ; Khabbaz, Lara; Nehme, Ziad 
2020Lebanese organizations adopting a green cultureAbdel Massih, Julie; Moukadem, Rima
2018Management consultancy projects in student affairs divisionKuran, Omaya ; El Hage, Ursula
2017Managing universities: tradition and responsivenessKuran, Omaya 
2023Metaphors in SEAM: Techniques for Effective Management ConsultingKuran, Omaya 
2016Organizational change and development in the case of a private lebanese universityKuran, Omaya 
2016Organizational development project and performance improvement in the office of student affairsKuran, Omaya 
2019Presenteeism : prevalence, determinants and consequences in the Lebanese workplaceHabib, Antonella; Samaha, Nassab
2023Strategies employed by Lebanese women to sustain their businesses during multiple crisesRemlaoui, Barbara; Moussa, Mirna; Antoun, Nicole