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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Paternal involvement and paternal role belief among a sample of Lebanese fathersHawila, Rita Maria
2020Perceptions and health-seeking behaviour for mental illness among syrian refugees and lebanese community members in Wadi Khaled, north Lebanon: a qualitative studyLaham, Dana Al; Ali, Engy; Mousally, Krystel; Nahas, Nayla G. ; Alameddine, Abbas ; Venables , Emilie
2019Personality structure and attachment strategies in Lebanese University studentsWardan, Melanie
2020Protocol for a randomized control trial of the caregiver support intervention with Syrian refugees in LebanonMiller, Kenneth E.; Arnous, Maguy; Tossyeh, Fadila; Chen, Alexandra; Bakolis, Ioannis; Koppenol-Gonzalez, Gabriela V.; Nahas, Nayla G. ; Jordans, Mark J.D
2019The relationship between attachment strategies and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder symptoms in lebanese childrenYounes, Anne-Marie
2021The relationship between social anxiety disorder and attachment strategies among a clinical sample of Jordanian youthSadiq, Christina
2007Resilience of lebanese children in the after war. La psychothérapie daujourdhuiNahas, Nayla G. 
2016Self-efficacious beliefs and students' self-esteem : the case of private English-Medium school in Al-KouraChaarani, Ruba
2010Spiritual direction through the sacrament of confession in the orthodox church and psychotherapeutic counseling : A comparative analysisAbouid, Hector
2009Stress and self-esteem among college studentsSalloum, Cozette
2020A study of a correlation between post war trauma symptoms and the attribution to God's control in a Syrian population directly exposed to war eventsBoghossian, May
2020Supporting syrian families displaced by armed conflict: a pilot randomized controlled trial of the caregiver support interventionMiller, Kenneth W; Koppenol-Gonzalez, Gabriela V.; Arnous, Maguy; Tossyeh, Fadila; Chen, Alexandra; Nahas, Nayla G. ; Jordans, Mark J.D
2012Teacher-student relationships in the palestinian Beddawi CampAllouch, Haifa
2008Teachers' job satisfaction in Shafat Akkar private schoolsSaoud , Rana
2018Transgenerational trauma reconceptualized from a resilience perspectiveNahas, Nayla G.