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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Immediate effect of kinesiology tape on ankle stabilitySlevin, Zack M.; Arnold, Graham P; Wang, Weijie W; Abboud, Rami 
2020Impairment of maturation of BMP-6 (35 kDa) correlates with delayed fracture healing in experimental diabetesGuo, Qidong; Wang, Weijie W; Abboud, Rami ; Guo, Zheng
2021Kinematic 3-D motion analysis of shoulder resurfacing hemiarthroplasty - An objective assessment methodJariwala, Arpit C; Kiran, Manish; Hyndman, Iain; Johnston, Linda R; Wang, Weijie; Abboud, Rami ; Wigderowitz, Carlos A
2020Progressive rehabilitation of the sprained ankle: a novel treatment methodMaetzler, M; Ruescher, M; Punzenberger, F; Wang, Weijie W; Abboud, Rami 
2020Short term results of reverse total shoulder arthroplastyAgrawal, Aditya K.; Wigderowitz, Carlos; Ribeiro, Bruno; Malhas, Amar; Vaish, Abhishek; Abboud, Rami 
2021Volar plating: functional recovery of the pronator quadratusPorter, Patrick; MacInnes, Alasdair; Drew, Tim; Wang, Weijie; Abboud, Rami ; Nicol, Graeme