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2016Analyzing linkages between trust and solid waste management using the fuzzy cognitive mapping approachAbbas, Nivine H. ; Abou Dagher, Manale ; Nader, Manal ; Van Der Molen, Irna; Lovett, Jon C.
2022The behavioral change of the youth in Lebanon : towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) number 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7 amidst the multiple crises Lebanon has faced since 2019Anlian, Marc; Barbarjli, Lynn; Fakher Eddine, Nathalie; Zahran, Faysal
2015Citizens perceptions of trust relationships in the environmental management process in North LebanonAbbas, Nivine H. ; Van Der Molen, Irna; Nader, Manal ; Lovett, Jon C.
2021Evaluation of the concomitant presence of hypertension and osteoporosis and the importance of screening in Lebanon: a pilot studyBikai, Rana El; Abbas, Nivine H. 
2021An investigation of the association between religious coping, fatigue, anxiety and depressive symptoms during the COVID-19 pandemic in Morocco: a web-based cross-sectional surveyZarrouq, Btissame; Abbas, Nivine H. ; Hilaly, Jaouad El; Asri, Achraf El; Abbouyi, Samira
2015Resilience at the municipal and communal level - the significance of trust and cooperation in environmental management: a case study of al Fayhaa UnionAbbas, Nivine H. 
2021Trust and armed conflict in solid waste management: a case study of the Al-Fayhaa Union, LebanonAbbas, Nivine H. 
2014Trust and cooperation relations in environmental management of LebanonAbbas, Nivine H. ; Van Der Molen, Irna; Nader, Manal ; Lovett, Jon C.
2021"واقع الصّحة النفسيّة لدى المعلّمين في ظلّ جائحة كوفيد-19 والتعليم عن بُعد"Abbas, Nivine H.