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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006The material force acting on a screw dislocation in the presence of a multi-layered circular inclusionHonein, Elie ; Rai, Habib ; Najjar, Michel
2007Mechanics of laminated composite containing marcel defectsRai, Habib ; Honein, Elie ; Najjar, Michel
2006Mechanics of Laminated Composites Containing Wavy FibersRai, Habib ; Honein, Elie ; Najjar, Michel
2001Micromechanical formulation of multilayered composites in thermoelasticityRai, Habib ; Honein, Elie ; Honein, Tanios; Najjar, Michel
2012Mini tower crane design and fabricationWehbe, Peter; Tannous, Rami
2012Modeling of car suspensionKhoury, Naim Al; Chaccour, Jamil; Chammas, Antoun
2006A novel theory of damage materials with microstucturesHonein, Elie ; Honein, Tanios; Rai, Habib ; Najjar, Michel
2019On multiple inhomogeneities in plane elasticityHonein, Elie ; Najjar, Michel; Honein, Tony; Rai, Habib 
2005Size effect on the strength of composite materialsShaar, Oussama; Lahoud, Youssef