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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Evaluation of stiffness parameters of prestressed hollow core slabs with high strength fiber reinforced cementitious grout overlayBassil, Michael
2022Evaluation of the flexural and shear capacity of a reinforced concrete beam cast with a thin layer of high strength fiber reinforced cementitious groutAwad, Antonio
2020Experimental and analytical evaluation of HPFRC (high performance fiber reinforced concrete) plinths in precast girder bridgesChallita, Julie
2017Experimental and analytical evaluation of thin high performance concrete precast cladding panelsKobrossy, Hanna; Chouri, Symeon El
2004Fabrication aids for cold bending structural steel girdersGergess, Antoine 
2004Fabrication aids for cold straightening I-girdersGergess, Antoine ; Sen, Rajan
2005Fabrication of unsymmetrical curved plate girders by cold bendingGergess, Antoine ; Sen, Rajan
2018Fast-paced construction of the new Khalifa port bridge projectGergess, Antoine 
2018Feasibility study of a bridge linking Wata Houb and TannourineAbi Daher, Charbel; Younis, George
2000Finite element analysis of heat curved structural steel I-GirdersAbboud, Dany
2021Finite Element Modeling of Cold Curved Steel Rolled Beams Under Service LoadsSaliba, Najib G. ; Nehmeh, Dola F.; Helal, Antoine H.; Gergess, Antoine 
2008Finite element modeling of heat curved high performance steel girdersGergess, Antoine 
2018Finite element modeling of rolled steel shapes subjected to weak axis bendingSaliba, Najib G. ; Tawk, Issam ; Gergess, Antoine 
2018Finite element modelling of a cold curved steel plate girderRishmany, Jihad ; Tawk, Issam ; Gergess, Antoine 
2003Finite-element modeling of heat-curved I-girdersSen, Rajan; Gergess, Antoine ; Issa, Camille
2007Full-scale cold bending demonstration testGergess, Antoine ; Sen, Rajan
2007Heat curving HPS 485W bridge I-girdersGergess, Antoine ; Sen, Rajan
2014Impact of link-slabs on the design of precast pre-stressed bridge girdersSaroufim, Edwina; Haddad, Jamil
2014Impact of using higher strength concrete on the design of prestressed concrete bridgesGergess, Antoine ; Sen, Rajan
2009Implication of increased live load on the design of prestressed concrete bridges, innovations in bridge engineering technologyGergess, Antoine ; Sen, Rajan