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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Adaptive bandwidth mode detection algorithmDagher, Issam ; Dahdah, Kawkab
2009Adaptive bandwidth mode detection algorithmDahdah, Kawkab
2006Art networks with geometrical distancesDagher, Issam 
2007Binary tree of SVM : a new fast multiclass training and classification algorithmAdhami, Farah; Wehby, Mounira
2006A biometric identification system based on eigenpalm and eigenfinger featuresAbi Nader, Wassim; Kobersy, William
2021Brain tumor detection in MRI images using CNN and SVMIssa, Kevin
2019Clustering using affinity propagationMikhael, Sandy; Khalil, Oubaida Al-
2012Clustering with complex centersDagher, Issam 
1-Dec-2018Combined DCT-Haar transforms for image compressionDagher, Issam ; Saliba, Mireille; Farah, Rachelle
2016Combined DCT-HAAR transforms for image compressionSaliba, Mireille; Farah, Rachelle
2019Combined wavelet and gabor convolution neural networksDagher, Issam ; Abu Jamra, Samir
2007Combining support vector machine learning with the discrete cosine transform in image compressionDayaa, Fadi; Shikhani, Miguel
2003A comparative study of the category choice of the fuzzy ART with the L -1 normDagher, Issam 
2012Complex fuzzy c-means algorithmDagher, Issam 
2016Different PCA scenarios for email filteringDagher, Issam ; Antoun, Rima
2014Effect of changing the fuzzy model on the stability of a control systemFarah, Rim
2019Enhancing age estimation by using pre-trained-CNN-based treeBrbara, Dany
2005Error detection using group of block normalizationNajjar, Rania Al; Najjar, Mohamad Badawi
2015Face detection and recognitionSassine, Mounir; Jabbour, Miled El
2016A face recognition system : a fourier-DCT and wavelet-walsh based approachesDoumit, Anthony