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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Impact of exchange rate regime on growth: case of the MENA regionDaia, Roula Al ; Saab, Gretta ; Jebran, Carine
2014The impact of microfinance on the growth : Lebanese caseJabbour, Rody
2016Impact of the determinants of foreign aid for Syrian refugees on the Lebanese economyOsman, Oumaya; Ghanem, Aya
2009Jordan versus Lebanon: a comparative study of the impact of free trade agreementsSaab, Gretta ; Daia, Roula Al 
2005The Lebanese banking industry, estimating the banks profitsMerhebi, Shereen; Bakkar, Mohamad
2018The macroeconomic implications of outsourcing on trade on the current account - exporter vs. importerSaab, Elias
2010Management of the financial crisisSaab, Gretta ; Khayr Yaacoub, Hala 
2016Micro financing and growthSaab, Gretta ; Daia, Roula Al 
2016Mission drift in microfinance institutions : the case of Lebanon, Morocco and EgyptKaram, Reina; Gammoush, Venus; Habib, Issa
2006Oil price volatility and its effects on the economy : special case: Saudi ArabiaFayad, Nancy; Houalla, Omar
2008The optimal exchange rate regime: case of the gulf cooperation council countriesSaab, Gretta ; Ayoub, Maya
2005OutsourcingYazbeck, Nabil
2014Political colors effect on consumptionKhayr Yaacoub, Hala ; Najjar, Rania Al; Saab, Gretta 
2022Prevailing macro factors of past financial bubbles : predicting the impact on the fastest growing stocks in the marketWehbe, Patrick Elie
2013The private health insurance sector in Lebanon : a study of consumer perceptionsHabib, Chantal; Elia, Pamela
2011A proposal to anchor the monetary policy of MENA oil-exporting countries by the price of oilSaab, Gretta ; Daia, Roula Al ; Ayoub, Maya
2014The role of political colors in consumer behaviorKhayr Yaacoub, Hala ; Saab, Gretta ; Najjar, Rania
2013Technology as a differentiator : Case of the Lebanese hospitalsAl Nakat , Wael; Mosleh, Abdel Rahman; Al Nabbout, Léonie
2010Testing inter-country inequality: the case of the arab worldDaia, Roula Al ; Saab, Gretta 
2018الخصخصة : تاريخها ودورها فى تحريك الاقتصاد العالمىSaab, Gretta