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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Implementation of an extensive reading program in a Lebanese high schoolRachwan, Mireille
2011Implementation of computer-assisted language learning (CALL) in a business English class at a Lebanese private universityAazan, Zeina Tanous
2015The inclusion of visually impaired students in a Lebanese private school : a case studyKobrossy, Yara
2015Language policy in a changing world: a critical review of english medium instructionAnnous, Samer 
2012Le 'nativespeakerism' et l'identité des enseignants non natifs de l'anglais au LibanAnnous, Samer 
2010Learner-centered education at the tertiary level : the case of the Intensive English Program at the University of BalamandGebran, Gizel
2008The phoenician Myth: the language-in-education policy in LebanonAnnous, Samer 
2017The place of speaking in a public secondary school in North Lebanon : perceptions and practiceKamaleddine, Abeir
2012School teachers' and students' perceptions of integrating interactive whiteboards into ESL classrooms in LebanonSaba, Jessica
2010Students' and teachers' perceptions of the relation between the multiplicity of identies and language learning in LebanonJundi, Zeina
2021Teachers' practices and students' and parents' perceptions of homework in Arabic and French language classes : a case study of a Lebanese private schoolNajjar, Reine Al
2017Territorial borders and the teaching of writing in english: lessons from research at the university of BalamandAnnous, Samer ; Nicolas, Maureen O'Day ; Townsend, Martha A.
2018There is no alternative! Student perceptions of learning in a second language in LebanonOrr, Mike; Annous, Samer 
2013Using fairy tales to improve students' writing skills : A case studyHage Obeid, Olga El
2010Using L1 in the foreign language classroom : A case study in North LebanonHaddad, Yasmeen
2014Using translation in teaching vocabulary : a case study of an intensive ESL classroomMohsen, Rouba
2020“WE” in the discourse of the 2019 lebanese October revolution.Fleonova, Olga ; Annous, Samer 
2007Whose culture is this? : an analysis of two ESL textbooks used in a private Muslim schoolDankar, Hala
2012Why do female school EFL teachers in Lebanon leave the teaching profession? : a qualitative study of the lives of some EFL teahcersChahal, Hania