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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Real generation of power quality disturbancesNahoum, Pamela; Yammine, Emile; Karam, Elie ; Najjar, Maged B. ; Hassan, Moustapha El 
2019Resilient smart grid under cyber switching attacks using distributed energy storage systemsGebran, Christiane
2018Single phase load balancing in a three phase system at distribution and unit levelFahim, Michella; Hassan, Moustapha El ; Najjar, Maged B. 
2008Static output feedback control with H∞ performence for a three-phase shunt active filterChaer, Toufic Al; Rambault, Laurent; Gaubert, Jean-Paul; Najjar, Maged B. 
2016Supervisory control for sectored distributed generation during load shedding in Lebanon's power gridHorkos, Pamela
2017Supervisory control for sectored distributed generation during load shedding in lebanon's power gridNajjar, Maged B. ; Alameddine, Abdulmonhem ; Horkos, Pamela
2015Survey on electrical modeling methods applied on different battery typesGhossein, Nagham El; Salameh, Jack; Karami, Nabil; Hassan, Moustapha El ; Najjar, Maged B. 
2018Three-phase transformerless inverter for PV grid connected system with zero common mode noiseKaram, Katia
2012UOB clean transport car-phase I : (design and implementation - electrical team)Nawwar, Carla; Joumaa, Joseph; Chikhany, Mayez; Jreij, Walid
2006UOB electric vehicleKaram, Omar; Nehme, George
2019UOB Eshade : antonomous [sic] autonomous solar bench : design and implementationWahab, Alissar; Klaimi, Tony
2017A virtual lab for power quality using Matlab/SimulinkSaad, Randa