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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Reference points for the design and delivery of degree programmes in nursingEswi, Abeer Saad; Abou Abdo, Somaya; Rizk, Ursula
31-Aug-2022Region-specific macro-indicators for palliative care development in the Eastern Mediterranean Region: a Delphi studySánchez-Cárdenas, Miguel; Garralda, Eduardo; van Steijn, Danny; Pourghazian, Nasim; Slama, Slim; Bouësseau, Marie-Charlotte; Centeno, Carlos; Alsirafy, Samy; Rassouli, Maryam; Fadhil, Samaher A.; Shamieh, Omar; Diri, Iman Al; Osman, Hibah; Abu-Saad Huijer, Huda ; Doumit, Myrna A.A.; Azhari, Asmaa El; Bahrani, Bassim Al; Waqar, Muhammad Atif; Hani S. Ayyash; Hassan, Azza Adel Ibrahim; Alshammary, Sami Ayed
2021Should I Seek Help for Sexual Difficulties? Middle-Aged Lebanese Women's ViewsAzar, Mathilde ; Azar, Nagham; Kroll, Thilo; Bradbury-Jones, Caroline
2011Success story on Skin-to Skin contact first hour after deliveryAbdallah, Bahia 
2018Transitioning to nursing practice in Lebanon: challenges in professional, occupational and cultural identity formationMadi, Murielle; Clinton, Michael; Doumit, Myrna; Ezzeddine, Sawsan; Rizk, Ursula
8-Jun-2023Unfolding parental knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs toward palliative care for children with cancerRassam, Rima Saad; Abu-Saad Huijer, Huda ; Noureddine, Samar; Smith, Ellen M Lavoie; Wolfe, Joanne; Fares, Souha; Abboud, Miguel R
Mar-2022Variability, shift-specific workloads and rationed care predictors of work satisfaction among Registered nurses providing acute care: A longitudinal studyAbed Al Ahad, Mary; Elbejjani, Martine; Simon, Michael; Ausserhofer, Dietmar; Abu-Saad Huijer, Huda ; Dhaini, Suzanne R