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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018On Autonomy and AddictionHagopian, Sareen E. 
2020Perceptions and Health-Seeking Behaviour for Mental Illness Among Syrian Refugees and Lebanese Community Members in Wadi Khaled, North Lebanon : A Qualitative StudyLaham, Dana Al; Ali, Engy; Mousally, Krystel; Nahas, Nayla G. ; Alameddine, Abbas ; Venables , Emilie
2020Protocol for a randomized control trial of the caregiver support intervention with Syrian refugees in LebanonMiller, Kenneth E.; Arnous, Maguy; Tossyeh, Fadila; Chen, Alexandra; Bakolis, Ioannis; Koppenol-Gonzalez, Gabriela V.; Nahas, Nayla G. ; Jordans, Mark J.D
2007Resilience Of Lebanese Children In The After War. La psychothérapie daujourdhuiNahas, Nayla G. 
2020Risk and Protective Factors in Autism Spectrum DisordersGerges, Perla; Bitar, Tania; Hawat, Mirna; Alameddine, Abbas ; Soufia, Michel; Andres, Christian R.; Hleihel, Walid
2016The struggle of an addict on the way to autonomyHagopian, Sareen E. 
2016The Struggle Of An Addict On The Way To AutonomyHagopian, Sareen E. 
2020Supporting Syrian families displaced by armed conflict : A pilot randomized controlled trial of the Caregiver Support InterventionMiller, Kenneth W; Koppenol-Gonzalez, Gabriela V.; Arnous, Maguy; Tossyeh, Fadila; Chen, Alexandra; Nahas, Nayla G. ; Jordans, Mark J.D
2018Transgenerational Trauma reconceptualized from a resilience perspectiveNahas, Nayla G. 
2016When An Addict Craves To Meet With LifeHagopian, Sareen E.