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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018First steps toward the investigation of the aerosol transport in the human lungsFakhreddine, Omar; Khoury, Gerard; Bassil, Assaf; Kfoury, Adib ; Sabat, Mira ; Sabat, Macole 
2011Fluorinated mix in plain ZDDP oil and commercial oil using design of experiment analysis of all interactions and fundamental study of fluorinated mix in plain ZDDP oils under 2 different r/min test cycles and extreme boundary lubricationNehme, Gabi ; Dib, Micheline
2013Grifon's connection on the tangent sub-bundleMehdi, M.; Farah, Farah ; Mortada, A
2011Impact of pressure distribution on the relief areas of prosthetic sockets for transtibial amputees using design of experiment and finite element analysisNehme, Gabi ; Dib, Micheline
2015An improved real-time method for counting people in crowded scenes based on a statistical approachRiachy, Shirine; Karam, Walid ; Greige, Hanna 
2012Integer sequences of the form α^n±β^nAbdulaziz, Abdulrahman Ali 
2018Maximum segmented image information by finding the optimum thresholdGreige, Hanna 
2018Minimizing pain in below knee amputees' patients wearing prosthetic socket by increasing flexibility in specific relief areasNehme, Gabi ; Khalife, Youssif; Chagoury, Antoun; Dib, Micheline
2008Modeling personal perception into user profile for image retrievingZakhem, Imad El ; Younes, Amine; Truck, Isis; Greige, Hanna ; Akdag , Herman
2012Multidisciplinary projects supported by modern educational techniques: the case of "UOB recycles"Jadayel, Roula; Iaaly, Amal ; Jadayel, Oussama Chafiq
2002A neural network-based handwritten OCR systemGreige, Hanna 
2018A novel monolithic Lagrangian approach for modelling crack propagation using anisotropic mesh adaptationHitti, Karim ; Feghali, Stephanie; Rafeh, Faten ; Bernacki, Marc; Bouchard, Pierre-Olivier
2011Numerical results for iterative image reconstruction in half-scan and non-uniform attenuated SPECTNasr, Elie; Greige, Hanna 
2013Numerical results for iterative image reconstruction in half-scan and non-uniform attenuated SPECTNasr, Elie; Greige, Hanna 
2021On the contraction ratio of iterated function systems whose attractors are Sierpinski n-gonsAbdulaziz, Abdulrahman Ali ; Judy Said
2008On the Egyptian method of decomposing 2/n into unit fractionsAbdulaziz, Abdulrahman Ali 
2018Optimal steel choice for reducing the cost of spherical pressure vesselsHitti, Karim ; Feghali, Stephanie; Tahhan, Assad
2017Optimization of cash management flow through stochastic processesKmeid, Najat; Dib, Youssef ; Greige, Hanna 
2016Optimization of cash management fluctuationDib, Youssef ; Greige, Hanna ; Kmeid, Najat
2018Optimization of cash management fluctuation through stochastic processesDib, Youssef ; Kmeid, Najat; Greige, Hanna ; Raffoul, Youssef