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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010National values, concepts, beliefs and cultures in higher education within internationalization "university of Balamand perspective"Karam, Elie 
2008Neural networks and static voltage stability in power systemsKhaldi, Mohamad 
2008New approach to spectral analysis of high bit rate PCM signalsDaba, Jihad S. 
2002A new method for multimodal 3-D image registration with external markersAbche, Antoine ; Tzanakos, Georges; Micheli-Tzanakou, E.
2004New optical CDMA system based on overlapping codes and fiber bragg grating for multimedia applicationsInaty, Elie ; Shalaby, Hossam M. H.; Fortier, Paul
2009A new QoS provisioning technology and its impacts on future 4G networksDaba, Jihad S. 
2014A New technique to multiplex stereo images: LSB watermarking and hamming codeKerek, Bilal El; Baba, Hani El; Hassan, Moustapha El ; Hassan, Bachar El
2002A new transmitter-receiver architecture for noncoherent multirate OFFH-CDMA system with fixed optimal detection thresholdInaty, Elie ; Shalaby, Hossam M. H.; Fortier, Paul
2006NI products-teaching and design tools: university of balamand experienceKaram, Elie 
2023A novel combination scheme of the modified TOPSIS and ITARA in housing assistance and building AssessmentsKazzni, H.; Daba, Jihad S. ; Semaan, Nabil 
31-Dec-2022A Novel Combination Scheme of the Modified TOPSIS and ITARA in Housing Assistance and Building AssessmentsKazzni, Hady; Daba, Jihad S. ; Semaan, Nabil 
2008Novel diversity combining in OFDM-based MIMO systemsDaba, Jihad S. ; Abdul-Latif, Omar M.
2011A novel frame relay dimensioning strategy for Cost efficient internet access in urban networksDaba, Jihad S. ; Chamberlain, Warren
2010A novel receiver diversity combining technique for internet-based 4G wireless communicationDaba, Jihad S. ; Jreije, Philip
2007A novel security framework for the web systemDaba, Jihad S. ; Jreije, Philip
2007A Novel SVM-Based OOK Detector in Low SNR Infrared ChannelsDaba, Jihad S. ; Abdullatif, O.M
Feb-2022Objective Assessment of Covid-19 Severity Affecting the Vocal and Respiratory System Using a Wearable, Autonomous Sound CollarIshac, D; Matta, S; Bin, S; Aziz, H; Karam, Elie ; Abche, Antoine ; Nassar, G
2002On the cutoff rate of a variable-bit-rate (VBR) OFFH-CDMA systemInaty, Elie ; Shalaby, Hossam M. H.; Fortier, Paul
2005On the cutoff rates of a multiclass OFFH-CDMA systemInaty, Elie ; Shalaby, Hossam M. H.; Fortier, Paul
2007On the resource allocation strategy for an OV-CDMA based multirate systemInaty, Elie