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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Learning computer science in schoolsZakhem, Imad El ; Melki, Antoine 
2009A Less-Constrained Solution to Curve Interpolation by Catmull-Clark Subdivision SurfacesAbbas, Abdulwahed
2002Lofted Catmull-Clark subdivision surfacesNasri, Ahmad H; Abbas, Abdulwahed
2010A Minimally-Constrained Subdivision Surface Interpolating Arbitrarily-Intersecting Network of CurvesAbbas, Abdulwahed
2011Mobile devices management system in the medical fieldMcheick, Hamid; Dargham, Joumana 
2008Modeling Personal Perception Into User profile For Image RetrievingZakhem, Imad El ; Younes, Amine; Truck, Isis; Greige, Hanna ; Akdag , Herman
2017Multi-Source Energy Based Routing Protocol in Sensor NetworksHaddad, Samir El ; Sayah, Jinane ; Girod-Genet, Marc; Hassan, Bachar El
2018On a Blossom-based Approach for Interpolating Non-iso-Parametric Curves by B-Spline SurfacesAbbas, Abdulwahed; Nasri, Ahmad H
2015On the interpolation of non-iso-parametric curvesAbbas, Abdulwahed; Nasri, Ahmad H
2013Online language tools and university students : Role in knowledge managementZakhem, Imad El ; Melki, Antoine 
2014Open Source Social Networks in EducationBitar, Amine ; Melki, Antoine 
2014Open Source Social Technologies for Teaching Computer ProgrammingBitar, Amine ; Melki, Antoine 
2018Open Source Social Technologies for Teaching Health InformaticsBitar, Amine ; Melki, Antoine 
2016Optimized energy distribution in Wireless Sensor NetworksHaddad, Samir El ; Girod-Genet, Marc; Sayah, Jinane ; Hassan, Bachar El
2001Polygonal Complexes for Interpolating Curves by Catmull-Clark Subdivision SurfacesNasri, Ahmad H; Abbas, Abdulwahed
2011Profiling user color perception for image retrievingZakhem, Imad El ; Ait-Younes, Amin; Akdag , Herman; Greige, Hanna 
2008A Proposed Query Optimization Method to Boost Students Use of Search EnginesBitar, Amine ; Melki, Antoine 
2014Proposed Search Engine Algorithm Enhancement for Arabic Information RetrievalRebeiz, Rouba; Bitar, Amine ; Melki, Antoine 
2001Purposeful matrix operationsAbbas, Abdulwahed
2009The Role of the Lebanese Universities in Internet Governance at The National LevelMelki, Antoine ; Bitar, Amine