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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015KOH/ZSM5 catalysts for biodiesel production from refined sunflower vegetable oilSaba, Tony; Estephane, Jane ; Khoury, Bilal El ; Zakhem, Henri El 
2021Life cycle assessment and water footprint scarcity of yogurtHayek, Jane; Bachawati, Makram El ; Manneh, Rima 
2015Life cycle assessment of extensive, intensive and traditional gravel ballasted roofsBachawati, Makram El ; Manneh, Rima ; Belarbi, Rafik; Dandres, Thomas; Nassab, Carla; Zakhem, Henri El 
2014Life cycle assessment of flat and evacuated tubes solar water heaters in LebanonDahdal, Rula; Manneh, Rima ; Dandres, Thomas; Harajli, Hassan; Zakhem, Henri El 
2014Life cycle assessment of flat plate and evacuated tubes solar water heaters in LebanonManneh, Rima ; Dahdal, Rula; Dandres, Thomas; Harajli, Hassan; Zakhem, Henri El 
2015Life cycle assessment of traditional, reflective and vegetative roofs: a case study for the Lebanese contextBachawati, Makram El ; Manneh, Rima ; Dandres, Thomas; Zakhem, Henri El ; Belarbi, Rafik; Nassab, Carla
2021Life cycle assessment of two packaging materials for carbonated beverages (polyethylene terephthalate vs. glass): Case study for the lebanese context and importance of the end-of-life scenariosMarleine Boutros; Saba, Sabine ; Manneh, Rima 
2016Low temperature dry reforming of methane on rhodium and cobalt based catalysts: active phase stabilization by confinement in mesoporous SBA-15Hassan, Nissrine El ; Kaydouh, Marie-Nour; Geagea, Henry; El Zein, H; Jabbour, Karam ; Casale, Sandra; Zakhem, Henri El ; Massiani, Pascale
2011Matériaux composites à matrice minéral apatitique biomimétique pour la substitution osseuseBachawati, Makram El ; Grossin, D; Brouillet, F; Douret, C; Rey, C
2015Mathematical modeling of microalgae growth and metabolismMazloum, Elias; Chalhoub, Alain; Chalhoub, Elias; Zakhem, Henri El 
2018Mesocellular silica foam-based Ni catalysts for dry reforming of CH4 (by CO2)Daoura, Oscar; Kaydouh, Marie-Nour; Hassan, Nissrine El ; Massiani, Pascale; Launay, Franck; Boutros, Maya
2021Mesoporous nickel-alumina catalysts derived from MIL-53(Al) metal-organic framework: A new promising path for synthesizing CO<inf>2</inf> methanation catalystsKaram, Leila; Bacariza, Maria C.; Lopes, José M.; Henriques, Carlos; Reboul, Julien; Hassan, Nissrine El ; Massiani, Pascale
2008Methane activation by NO2 on Co loaded SBA-15 catalysts : The effect of mesopores (length, diameter) on the catalytic activityHassan, Nissrine El ; Davidson, Anne; Da Costa, Patrick; Djéga-Mariadassou, Gérald
2010A multitechnique approach to spin-flips for Cp 2Cr(II) chemistry in confined stateEstephane, Jane ; Groppo, Elena; vitillo J, M; Kervern, G; Damin, Alessandro; Gianolio, Diego; Lamberti, Carlo; Bordiga, Silvia; Quadrelli, Alessandra Elsje; Basset, Jean Marie; Emsley, L; Pintacuda, G; Zecchina, Adriano
2008N-Acyl-3-amino-5H-furanone derivatives as new inhibitors of LuxR-dependent quorum sensing : Synthesis, biological evaluation and binding mode studyEstephane, Jane ; Dauvergne, Julien; Soul; Reverchon, Sylvie; Queneau, Yves; Doutheau, Alain
2006Nanocasting : using SBA-15 silicas as hard templates to obtain ultrasmall monodispersed gamma-Fe2O3 nanoparticles.Delahaye, Ernest; Escax, V; Hassan, Nissrine El ; Davidson, Anne
2019Nanostructured nickel aluminate as a key intermediate for the production of highly dispersed and stable nickel nanoparticles supported within mesoporous alumina for dry reforming of methaneKaram, Leila; Reboul, Julien; Hassan, Nissrine El ; Nelayah, Jaysen; Massiani, Pascale
5-Jan-2023New approach for designing wrinkled and porous ZnO thin films for photocatalytic applicationsDaher, Elie A.; Riachi, Bassam; Chamoun, Jean; Laberty-Robert, Christel; Hamd, Wael 
2017Ni based catalysts promoted with cerium used in the steam reforming of toluene for hydrogen productionAbou Rached, Jihane; El Hayek, Christelle; Dahdah, Eliane; Gennequin, Cédric; Aouad, Samer ; Tidahy, Haingomalala Lucette; Estephane, Jane ; Nsouli, Bilal; Aboukaïs, Antoine; Abi Aad, Edmond
2016Ni-porous alumina catalysts for bireforming of methaneJabbour, Karam ; Hassan, Nissrine El ; Davidson, Anne; Casale, Sandra; Massiani, Pascale