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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Mar-2022Hepatitis B Virus Chronic Infection in Blood Donors from Asian and African High or Medium Prevalence Areas: Comparison According to SexAllain, Jean-Pierre; Owusu-Ofori, Shirley; Ye, Xianlin; Bisseye, Cyrille; Chaar, Mira El ; Li, Chengyao
4-Aug-2022How do nurses and midwives perceive their role in sexual healthcare?Azar, Mathilde ; Kroll, Thilo; Bradbury-Jones, Caroline
28-Jan-2024Hygienic sanitary risk and microbiological quality of meat and meat-contact surfaces in traditional butcher shops and retail establishments- lessons from a developing countrySerhan, Mireille ; Hourieh, Hiba; El Deghel, Maria ; Serhan, Carole 
2020Increased risk of hypercholesterolemia in a French and Lebanese population due to an interaction between rs2569190 in CD14 and genderEl Shamieh, Said; Salami, Ali; Stathopoulou, Maria G; Chedid, Pia; Visvikis-Siest, Sophie
2021International consensus-based policy recommendations to advance universal palliative care access from the American Academy of Nursing Expert PanelsRosa, W.E.; Buck, H.G.; Squires, A.P.; Kozachik, S.L.; Abu-Saad Huijer, Huda ; Bakitas, M.; McGowan Boit, J.; Bradley, P.K.; Cacchione, P.Z.; Chan, G.; Crisp, N.; Dahlin, C.; Daoust, P.; Davidson, P.M.; Davis, S.; Doumit, M.A.A.; Fink, R.M.; Herr, K.A.; Hinds, P.S.; Hughes, T.L.; Karanja, V.; Kenny, D.J.; King, C.R.; Klopper, H.C.; Knebel, A.R.; Kurth, A.E.; Madigan, E.A.; Malloy, P.; Matzo, M.; Mazanec, P.; Meghani, S.H.; Monroe, T.B.; Moreland, P.J.; Paice, J.A.; Phillips, J.C.; Rushton, C.H.; Shamian, J.; Shattell, M.; Snethen, J.; Ulrich, C.M.; Wholihan, D.; Wocial, L.D.; Ferrell, B.R.
2020Knowledge and attitudes toward cigarette and narghile smoking among previous smokers in LebanonAkiki, Zeina; Saadeh, Danielle; Haddad, Chadia; Sacre, Hala; Hallit, Souheil; Salameh, Pascale
Feb-2022Knowledge, attitudes, and perceptions of dairy farmers regarding antibiotic use: Lessons from a developing countryDankar, Iman; Hassan, Hussein; Serhan, Mireille 
29-Jan-2022Metformin Inhibits ROS Production by Human M2 Macrophages via the Activation of AMPKNassif, Rana M ; Chalhoub, Elias; Chedid, Pia; Hurtado-Nedelec, Margarita; Raya, Elia; Dang, Pham My-Chan; Marie, Jean-Claude; El-Benna, Jamel
12-Sep-2022Microbiological safety of commercial canned and dry pet food products in LebanonSerhan, Mireille ; Hadid, Michella; Dimassi, Hani; El Deghel, Maria ; Hassan, F. Hussein
2020Molecular epidemiology and socio-demographic risk factors of sexually transmitted infections among women in LebanonHanna , Jessica; Yassine, Ruba Jamal; Bikai, Rana El; Curran, Martin D.; Azar, Mathilde ; Yeretzian, Joumana; Skaf, Rana; Afif, Claude; Saber, Toufic; Itani, Saadeddine; Hubeish, Manal; Jisr, Tamima El; Hamzeh, Fadia; Chaar, Mira El 
15-Jan-2015Muscle weakness in TPM3-myopathy is due to reduced Ca2+-sensitivity and impaired acto-myosin cross-bridge cycling in slow fibresYuen, Michaela; Cooper, Sandra T; Marston, Steve B; Nowak, Kristen J; McNamara, Elyshia; Mokbel, Nancy; Ilkovski, Biljana; Ravenscroft, Gianina; Rendu, John; de Winter, Josine M; Klinge, Lars; Beggs, Alan H; North, Kathryn N; Ottenheijm, Coen A C; Clarke, Nigel F
2019Natural and synthetic retinoids in preclinical colorectal cancer modelsAbdel-Samad, Rana ; Aouad, Patrick; Darwiche, Nadine
Sep-2022Nurses and Midwives Role in Patient Sexual Health Assessment: A Cross-Sectional StudyAzar, Mathilde ; Kroll, Thilo; Chakhtoura, Hiba; Gebran, Vicky; Sailian, Silva Dakessian
28-Oct-2022Pediatric palliative care through the eyes of healthcare professionals, parents and communities: a narrative reviewSaad, Rima; Abu-Saad Huijer, Huda ; Noureddine, Samar; Sailian, Silva Dakessian
15-Feb-2022Physicians' perceptions and preferences for implementing venous thromboembolism (VTE) clinical practice guidelines: a qualitative study using the Theoretical Domains Framework (TDF)Abboud, Juliana; Rahman, Abir Abdel; Shaikh, Niaz; Dempster, Martin; Adair, Pauline
2018Polyphenol estimated intake and dietary sources among older adults from Mallorca IslandKaram, Joanne; Bibiloni, Maria Del Mar; Tur, Josep A
11-Jan-2022Prevalence of Food Allergy among Schoolchildren in LebanonSakakini, Jana; Irani, Carla; Bikai, Rana El ; Sahyoun, Gretta; Hallit, Souheil; Salameh, Pascale; Dano, Dominique
2015Probiotic effect of lebanese darfiyeh cheese: a randomized case control prospective study in the elderlySaber, Toufic; Irani, Jihad; Afif, Claude; Bassil, Nazem; Estephane, Elie; Serhan, Mireille ; Bassil, Marcel
2020Reducing the Treatment Gap for LGBT Mental Health Needs: the Potential of TelepsychiatryWhaibeh, Emile; Mahmoud, Hossam; Vogt, Emily L