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2022Association between mental illness and cycle phases and physical, social, and task attraction in female university studentsYoussef, Lara ; Salameh, Pascale; Dagher, Maya; Akel, Marwan; Hallit, Souheil; Obeid, Sahar
2021Cancer chemopreventive role of fisetin: Regulation of cell signaling pathways in different cancersFarooqi, Ahmad Ahmad; Naureen, Humaira; Zahid, Rabbia; Youssef, Lara ; Attar, Rukset; Xu, Baojun
2022Frontiers of Ferroptosis in Cancer TreatmentDurr-e-shahwar Malik; Mirna Azalea Romero; Saiyada Fatima Maida Halim; Deena Elsori; Youssef, Lara ; Yulaevna, Ishmuratova Margarita; Sabitaliyevich, Uteuliyev Yerzhan; Attar, Rukset
2021Knowledge, attitudes and practices towards people living with HIV/AIDS in LebanonYoussef, Lara ; Hallit, Souheil; Sacre, Hala; Salameh, Pascale; Cherfan, Michelle; Akel, Marwan; Hleyhel, Mira
2022Probiotics Properties: A Focus on Pregnancy OutcomesDahan, Karim Seif El; Bejjani, Joseph; Nasrallah, Ali A; Youssef, Lara ; Mladenovic, Andrea; Dosch, Laura; Leone, Angelo; Jurjus, Abdo
2021Regulation of cell signaling pathways by wogonin in different cancers: mechanistic review.Butt, Ghazala; Ozbey, Ulku; Malik, Durr-e-shahwar; Attar, Rukset; Youssef, Lara ; Farooqi, Ammad Ahmad
2022Role of Circular RNAs in Carcinogenesis and Metastasis: Closer analysis of Unresolved MysteriesNaureen, Humaira; Attar, Rukset; Yaylim, Ilhan , *; Youssef, Lara ; Farooqi, Ammad Ahmad
2022Role of Kisspeptin-mediated signaling pathway in carcinogenesis and metastasis: Opposite sides of the same coinNaureen, Humaira; Avnioglu, Seda; Yilmaz, Seher; Youssef, Lara ; Farooqi, Ammad Ahmad