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2013Corporate governance practices and the role of the board of directors: evidence from UAE conventional and islamic banksTamimi, Hussein A. Al-; Charif, Husni 
2021Dynamic connectedness between uncertainty and energy markets: do investor sentiments matter?Assaf, Ata ; Charif, Husni ; Mokni, Khaled
7-Jun-2022The effects of economic policy uncertainty on the US REITs ETFs: A quantile analysisCharif, Husni ; Assaf, Ata ; Demir, Ender; Mokni, Khaled
2014Holcim quarrying cost estimationKhazma, Mahmoud; Abed, Kamal El
2022The impact of service quality in construction projects on customer satisfaction and loyaltyZahr, Adham
Jun-2022Information sharing among cryptocurrencies: Evidence from mutual information and approximate entropy during COVID-19Assaf, Ata ; Charif, Husni ; Demir, Ender
2023Investigating the dynamic connectedness between oil consumption and industrialization in the Mena region using TVP-VAR modelItani, Ayman
2015Learning Outcome Assessment : A Demo on the MBA Program at UOBCharif, Husni ; Nasr, Karim 
2017Market efficiency in the MENA equity markets: evidence from newly developed tests and regime changeAssaf, Ata ; Charif, Husni 
2016Modeling the variability of the art markets using the extreme value theory and calculating their risk measuresKlayme, Tania
2011Multiple approaches in performance assessment of UAE commercial banksTamimi, Hussein A. Al-; Charif, Husni 
Jul-2022Multivariate long memory structure in the cryptocurrency market: The impact of COVID-19Assaf, Ata ; Bhandari, Avishek; Charif, Husni ; Demir, Ender
2022The relationship between BIM implementation drivers and key performance indicators of construction productivity : a PLS SEM approachHayek, Rami Nehme El
2013University of Balamand's MBA Alumni's degree of satisfactionKhoury, Grace Al; Zakhem, Jacky Al