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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Balancing of single phase loads in a low voltage power system at the distribution and unit levelFahim, Michella
2019Balancing single phase loads in a three phase system IITohme, Ramez; Najjar, Ralph Al
2017Battery Modeling and Lifetime PredictionSalameh, Jack; Ghossein, Nagham El; Hassan, Moustapha El ; Karami, Nabil; Najjar, Maged B. 
2015Battery modelling and lifespan predictionGhossein, Nagham El; Salameh, Jack
2011Co-design for tunability of a Bulk Acoustic Wave filters with 65nm CMOS switchBaraka, Kamal; Kerherve, Eric; Pham, Jean-Marie; Hassan, Moustapha El 
2012Controlling the bandwidth of Bulk Acoustic Wave filter using a decoder designed on 65nm processBaraka, Kamal; Kerherve, Eric; Pham, Jean-Marie; Hassan, Moustapha El 
2019Design of power quality virtual lab toolbox phase II using labview / multisimHaidar, Sandra; Moussa, Elie 
2016FPGA hardware architecture for stereoscopic image compression based on block matching, watermarking and hamming codeAkkad, Ghattas; Hassan, Moustapha El ; Ayoubi, Rafic 
2017Hardware and software implementation of a stereoscopic image compression technique for internet connected devicesAkkad, Ghattas; Hassan, Moustapha El ; Ayoubi, Rafic 
2017Hardware Architecture For Stereoscopic Image Compression Based on Block Matching, Watermarking, and Hamming CodeAkkad, Ghattas; Hassan, Moustapha El ; Ayoubi, Rafic 
2012Implementation of wireless network using location fingerprinting technique for indoor positioningHassan, Moustapha El ; Hassan, Bachar El; Nachabe, Lina
2014Improvement of indoor localizationSerhal, Amina
2008Method for improving ladder bulk acoustic wave filters rejectionShirakawa, Alexandre.A; Hassan, Moustapha El ; Pham, Jean-Marie; Jarry, Pierre; Kerherve, Eric; David, Jean-Baptiste; Dumont, Fabien; Belot, Didier
2020Mini-hydropower plant : a feasibility study in North LebanonNader, Nina
2008A Mixed Ladder-Lattice Bulk Acoustic Wave Duplexer for W-CDMA HandsetsShirakawa, Alexandre.A; David, J.B.; Vicent , P; Hassan, Moustapha El ; Kerherve, Eric; Cathelin, Andreia
2016Multisource power generationMhawej, Johny; Salloum, Paul
2014A New Technique to Multiplex Stereo Images : LSB Watermarking and Hamming CodeKerek, Bilal El; Baba, Hani El; Hassan, Moustapha El ; Hassan, Bachar El
2003Performance analysis of an overlapped FFH - CDMA system for a wireless local area networkGhostine, Charbel; Hassan, Moustapha El 
2015Real generation of power quality disturbancesNahoum, Pamela; Yammine, Emile; Karam, Elie ; Najjar, Maged B. ; Hassan, Moustapha El 
2010Reconfiguration of Bulk Acoustic Wave filters using RF-MEMS switches and CMOS transistorsBaraka, Kamal; Kerherve, Eric; Hassan, Moustapha El