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2022CFD investigation of bio-mimicry in aerodynamicsSemaan, Charbel
2019Computational fluid dynamics and experimental investigation of a cascade impactorRemane, Jennifer
2022COVID-19 flow : physics and fluid dynamicsChalhoub, Hanna
2017Eulerian simulation of polydisperse two-phase flame propagation in a turbulent flow for a large range of stokes numbersDunn, Dennis; Sabat, Macole ; Dupays, Jean Michel; Jorge Cesar, Brandle de Motta; Aymeric, Vié; Laurent , Frederique; Massot, Marc
2018First steps toward the investigation of the aerosol transport in the human lungsFakhreddine, Omar; Khoury, Gerard; Bassil, Assaf; Kfoury, Adib ; Sabat, Mira ; Sabat, Macole 
2011Fluid and structural analysis of Rayack-43 landing gearRahme, Joe; Itani, Lama; Sabat, Macole 
2020Investigation of waste to energy techniques with computational fluid dynamics study of gasificationMansour, Nicole
2019Organic waste treatment : mechanical and chemical aspectsFakhreddine, Omar; Khoury, Gerard; Madi, Maher
2019Statistical description of turbulent particle-laden flows in the very dilute regime using the anisotropic Gaussian moment methodSabat, Macole ; Aymeric, Vié; Larat, Adam; Massot, Marc
2018Statistical investigation of the air pollution effect on the human lungsBassil, Assaf; Khoury, Gerard; Fakhreddine, Omar; Kfoury, Adib ; Sabat, Mira ; Sabat, Macole 
2022Study of a bubbly flow in a flat bubble columnFarah, Joelle
2020Synthetic turbulence generation with deep learningSayegh, Georgio Daloul El