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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201750 short stories and examples explaining basic concepts of MarketingHajjar, Samer 
2016Acquirers market performance: pre versus po0st-SOX 2002 periodsKassamany, T; Hajjar, Samer ; Menassa, Elie 
2019An analysis of factors affecting mobile banking adoptionHajjar, Samer ; Ouaida, Fadila
2021Artificial intelligence in marketing education programsHajjar, Samer ; Karam, Scarlett; Borna, Shaheen
2021Attitudes toward femvertising in the middle east: the case of LebanonHajjar, Samer 
1-Jan-2021Digital marketing jobs: What are recruiters looking for?Hajjar, Samer 
2018Drivers of resistance to lebanese political marketing campaigns: an exploratory analysisHajjar, Samer 
2019Effect of electronic word of mouth on brand relationship and purchase intentionHaidar, Santa; Deeb, Ramy
2016The effectiveness conditions for a responsible environmental communicationHajjar, Samer ; Dekhili, Sihem
2018An empirical test of a model of resistance to political marketingHajjar, Samer 
2020Examining Lebanese consumers' negative attitudes toward banksHajjar, Samer 
2018Examining the impact of provocation in green advertising on consumers' attitudes and perceptionsHajjar, Samer ; Dekhili, Sihem
1-Jan-2020Exploring the effects of social media addiction on consumer behaviourHajjar, Samer 
2021How do hotels in developing countries manage the impact of COVID-19? The case of Lebanese hotelsLaurent B. Yacoub ; Hajjar, Samer 
2020How do Lebanese consumers react toward women empowerment advertising campaigns?Merhbi, Yasmine; Awad, Mira; Abi Saab, Melissa
2018How french consumers perceive the ethnic products: the case of nike hijabHajjar, Samer ; Ouaida, Fadila
2020Identifying the drivers of resistance to corporate social responsibility: the case of lebanese SMEsHajjar, Samer ; Ouaida, Fadila
2021The impact of influencer marketing on impulse buying behavior : a Lebanese consumer studyZoghbi, Maria; Khoury, Mona
1-Jan-2021Investigating the causes and consequences of addiction to high-Tech brandsHajjar, Samer ; Kaskas, Mariam; Tlaiss, Salma
2020Investigating the concept of brand addiction and its impact on life happiness and self-esteemKaskas, Mariam; Tlaiss, Salma