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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Affordances for inquiry-based learning in two 8th grade science classrooms : case studies from a private school in North LebanonTaleb, Angela
2011Balconies : A Mediterranean Memoir by Mishka Mojabber MouraniKhairallah, Megan R. 
2015A case study on UTAUT and innovationMelki, Antoine ; Nicolas, Maureen O'Day ; Khairallah, Megan R. ; Adra, Omar M. 
2014The challenges of the implementation of class modifications and accommodations for students with learning disabilities in a regular school system in Tripoli-Lebanon (cycle 2)Kayal, Hiba
2012Citizenship education in the Lebanese national curriculum and in the classroom : an ethnographic study in two schoolsMattar, Nisrine
2020Co-constructed rubrics and assessment for learning : The impact on middle school students attitudes and writing skillsAbdul Ghaffar, May; Khairallah, Megan R. ; Salloum, Sara 
2019Effects of co-constructed rubrics on Lebanese second language learners' writing skills and attitudes : a case study from middle schoolAbdul Ghaffar, May
2015An exploration of curriculum change : a case study of a preschool curriculum in a private school in TripoliYamak, Fitnat
2017Information and Communications Technology use as a Catalyst for Professional DevelopmentMelki, Antoine ; Nicolas, Maureen O'Day ; Khairallah, Megan R. ; Adra, Omar M. 
2020National Board of Medical Examiners and Curriculum ChangeOjaimi, Mode ; Khairallah, Megan R. ; Younes, Rayya ; Salloum, Sara ; Zgheib, Ghania 
2016Report on Analysis of Teaching and Learning Practices in LebanonNasr, Karim ; Khairallah, Megan R. ; Zgheib, Ghania ; Dib, Youssef ; Najjar, Rania Al
2014Striving towards inclusive education in Kuwait : an exploratory case study of one school with an inclusive program in KuwaitAbdallah, Sarah
2016Students' moments of resistance in an eleventh grade class in Tripoli : a case studyOsman, Randa
2020Teach for Lebanon : a case study of the fellowship curriculum in alignment with national and international educational needsObeid, Abeer
2016Technology integration in cycle two : a case study in a private school, in North LebanonAkkari, Zeina
2020Understanding Students' Resistance to Autonomous Learning in an L2 English LanguageKhairallah, Megan R. ; Fleonova, Olga ; Nicolas, Maureen O'Day 
2015Why do Lebanese preschool teachers choose their profession and what keeps them encouraged? : a qualitative case study of eight teacher's lives in TripoliDabboussi, Reem