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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Application of loading, unloading, and reloading cycles on Lebanese clayHassan, Ossama El; Kabbara, Barae; Mheich, Mouhammad
2011Cartographie de la susceptibilité aux glissements de terrain au LibanNini, Robert 
2016CBR of soaked clay drained by Sandy LayerNini, Robert 
2022Different foundation design for a high-rise residential buildingDahdah, Bachar
2017Effect of cyclic Load on california bearing ratio of soaked clayNini, Robert 
2016Effect of cyclic load on CBR of clayey soilYassine, Ali; Chreim, Hussein; Zein, Mohammad
2015Effect of interbedded sandy layer on CBR of clayey soilFrangieh, Samir Ghaleb; Abdallah, Gerald; Mokel, Georges
2013Effect of Lebanese clay parameters on its CBR valueHajj, Mouhammad Al
2010Effect of silt and clay fraction on the plasticity measurement by ASTM and BS standardsMatta, Nizar; Youssef, Charbel
2019Effect of soaking period of clay on its California bearing ratio valueNini, Robert 
2014The effect of soaking period on CBR valuesBarraj, Darwich El; Daher, Saad
2016Effect of soil drainage on california bearing ratio of soaked clayNini, Robert ; Chalhoub, Michel Y.
2019Effect of soil fraction between sieve no 40 and no 200 on the soil atterberg limitsHajjeh, Joelle; Ayoub, Mariane
2018Effect of soil loading surcharge on its CBR valueNini, Robert 
2014Effect of the silt and clay fractions on the liquid limit measurements by Atterberg cup and fall cone penetrometerNini, Robert 
2017Effect of vertical confinement on soaked CBR of clayKhneisser, Georges; Mhanna, Elie; Zadeh, Raymond
2018Effet de la forme de piston utilisé dans l'épreuve de compactage sur les résultats de CBR (Califonia Bearing Ratio)Ibrahim, Lausanne; Tarraf, Wiam
2013Experimental study of consolidation for Lebanese clayKhalifeh, Ibrahim; Sawma, Georges; Sleiman, Rahif
2009Identification of the Lebanese clay : application on liquid limit measurements by (ASTM) and BS standardsKhoury, Sami El; Zreik, Salim; Chaaitou, Daoud
2021Implementation of shallow and deep foundations for residential buildingsFakhreddine, Wafa