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2014Crash: an automated tool for schedule crashingGeorges, Najib; Semaan, Nabil ; Rizk, Joe 
2015Crashing-risk-modeling-software (CRMS)Semaan, Nabil ; Georges, Najib; Rizk, Joe 
2009Earthquake analysis and design of shear walls, slabs, columns & foundations for a 12-story building.Yammine, Aziz; Dahdah, Gilbert
2011Earthquake analysis and design of shear walls, slabs, columns and foundations for an 8-storey buildingGhadieh, Massaad; Attal, Ahmad
2016Quantifying the energy provided by photovoltaic cell panels and wind turbinesFarah, Joe; Malek, Johnny; Rizk, Vanessa
1999Seismic and gravity design of a building structureAoun, Kabalan J.
2011Structural design of an eight storey residential buildingDahdah, Assaad; Obeid, Basem; Frangieh, Boulos
2009Structural seismic design of Dolphin HotelMassry, Antonio Al; Frangieh, Tony