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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Accounting for differences in standards of living between countries of the arab league : an augmented Solow modelDaia, Roula Al ; Saab, Gretta 
2010Augmented solow modelSaab, Gretta ; Daia, Roula Al 
2012Clustering in the furniture industry the case of Tripoli, LebanonZakhia, Layla; Safi, Bakhos
2008Construction boom in UAE (Macro and Micro approach analysis)Husseini, Bassel; Zakhia, Sarkis
2020Critical success factors of Lebanese restaurant franchisors in the food and beverage industryNasr, Nathalie
2018Currency devaluation crisis spillover on economic growth-Lebanese and Syrian crises case studyMkhallalati, Wafic
2011Determinants of credit to the private sector in countries of the arab league: is economic diversification under way?Daia, Roula Al ; Saab, Gretta ; Ayoub, Maya
2013Does foreign aid promote foreign direct investment in the middle east and north africa?Daia, Roula Al ; Saab, Gretta 
2013Dunning's investment development path for countries of the MENA regionDaia, Roula Al ; Saab, Gretta 
2010The dutch disease syndrome in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria: a comparative studySaab, Gretta ; Ayoub, Maya
2014The economic contagion of the Syrian crisis on neighboring countries : the case of Jordan, Lebanon and TurkeyYammine, Josiane; Mouawad, Robert
2019Effect of feedback on eBay sellers' business using markov chainDib, Youssef ; Roumieh, Nour; Saab, Gretta ; Maroun, Mariette
2012Environmental valuation of the north Lebanon coastal zoneDaia, Roula Al ; Nader, Manal ; Saab, Gretta 
2012Environmental value of the north Lebanon coastlineDaia, Roula Al ; Nader, Manal ; Saab, Gretta 
2009Financial development and growth in the GCC areaSaab, Gretta ; Ayoub, Maya
2017Financial literacy : the Lebanese caseGhanem, Aline; Hoss, Yara El
2018Financial literacy and its measurementSaab, Gretta 
2009Human development indicator and growthSaab, Gretta ; Ayoub, Maya
2009Human development indicator: a new perspectiveSaab, Gretta 
2012Impact of exchange rate regime on growth: case of the MENA regionDaia, Roula Al ; Saab, Gretta ; Jebran, Carine